Sample Preparation


Multi-Function Centrifuges

Speed Range : 200rpm – 18 000rpm RCF xg Range : 18624g – 26 331g Capacity Rotor: 15ml – 750ml Optional : Refridgerated model


Speed Range : 200rpm – 15 200rpm RCF xg Range : 17 317g – 21 953g Capacity Rotor: 2ml – 5ml Optional : Refridgerated model


Speed Range : 0rpm – 6000rpm RCF xg Range : 2000g Capacity Rotor: 1.5ml/ 2ml


Hotplates & Stirrers

Guardian 7000 Hotplate Stirrers

Durable Hotplate Stirrers with Superior Safety Features and Intelligent Performance. These exclusive features automatically shut off the heater if no one is detected after a user-defined "time out" period has elapsed.

Guardian 5000 Hotplates & Stirrers

Reliable Hotplate Stirrers with Exceptional Safety Features for Everyday Use .An industry-leading early detection system that uses two independent safety controls to continuously monitor the electronics and shut off heating before an overtemperature condition occurs

Mini Hotplates & Stirrers

Compact, Reliable, Easy-to-Use Hotplates and Stirrers for Basic Heating and Stirring. Select the function you need for your everyday heating and stirring. Five models to choose from - Hotplate, Fixed Temperature Hotplate, Stirrer, Auto Stirrer and combination Hotplate-Stirrer


High Speed Microplate Shakers

High Speed Shaking for up to 48 Microplates Sturdy, adjustable top plate secures up to 48 microplates, 6 deep well plates, or small tubes less than 5 in. (12.7 cm) tall and up to 7 lb. (3.2 kg).

Light Duty Orbital Shakers

Choose the Perfect Light Duty Orbital Shaker You Can Trust for Reliable Everyday Shaking. Light Duty Shakers include the ready-to-use tray and mat, or remove the mat and customize the tray with over 20 easy-to-install accessories

Heavy Duty Orbital Shakers

Eight Orbital Shakers Offering a Variety of Capacities and Flexibility to Maximize Sample Processing. Ready for your lab - all models include a tray and rubber mat and can be customized with over 70 accessory options

Extreme Environment Shakers

High Performance Orbital Shaker Designed to Withstand Extreme Environments Up To 100% Humidity. Defy the elements - rely on this orbital shaker's unique construction to deliver exceptional speed control, accuracy and durability under the most extreme environmental conditions

Rocking & Waving Shakers

Reliable Rocking and Waving Shakers with Simple Adjustments for Tilt Angle and Speed. Electronic control allows simple tilt angle and speed adjustments while the unit is still running to achieve optimal mixing

Reciprocating Shakers

Providing Consistent, Repeatable Reciprocating Shaking Action for a Variety of Applications. A flexible unit for the lab - our multi-purpose Reciprocating Shakers can be customized to fit your unique workflow needs using a wide variety of accessories

Vortex Mixers

Mini Vortex Mixers

Choose the Perfect Vortex Mixer From Four Durable Models for Everyday Mixing.

Heavy-Duty Vortex Mixers

Increase Productivity with Continuous-Duty Vortexing of Multiple Samples.

Microplate Vortex Mixers

The Ideal Solution for Dependable Vortex Mixing of Microplates.

Multi-Tube Vortex Mixers

Powerful Hands-Free Vortex Mixer for Efficient High-Throughput Mixing.

Liquid Handling

High Precision Micropipettes

It offers a sophisticated blend of features and functionality. They facilitate remarkable user experience in practical laboratory environments

Bottle Top Dispensing

Its designed with ergonomics and intuitive handling in mind, Microlit Bottle Top Dispensers are widely being used for accurate and safe dispensing of chemicals and reagents.

Motor Operated Burette

It is a state-of-the-art Motor Operated Burette built ergonomically with a host of sophisticated features and modern technology. Available in Three Unique Volumes

Electronic Pipettes

It offers Single Knob Dual Dispensing Mode. It is a high precision liquid handling device that offers sophisticated features and functionality. Suitable for all standard pipettes of 0.1 ml to 100 ml

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