Water Quality Meters

Starter 5000 pH Bench

High Performance Benchtop pH Meter Ideal for Accurate Everyday Measurements in the Laboratory.


Simple to Use Benchtop Meter for Easily Measuring pH and ORP.

Starter 400M pH & Conductivity Portable

Durable, Waterproof Battery-Operated Multi-Parameter Meters Ideal for Field Testing.

Starter 400D DO Portable

High-Performance, Low-Maintenance Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Meter with Optical Technology for Accurate Measurements

Starter Pen Meters

Compact Design for Fast, Convenient Electrochemistry Measurement At Your Fingertips.

Starter Electrodes

Precision Powers the Starter Electrodes. All sturdy and durable electrodes are constructed of either plastic or glass shafts and built to withstand daily use.

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